He stared hungrily at the freshly-baked doughnuts.

“Will you help me pick one?” she asked. His shaking hands pointed at the shelf.

“Oops! I’m on a diet! Can’t eat them!” she said, handing him the box.

She acted in ‘those‘ movies. He’d heard conversations while shining rich guys’ shoes. They labelled her – ‘Enigma’, ‘Other-Worldly-Being’. To him, she certainly was ‘human’.

More than the self-proclaimed ones.

Participating Entry: Chimera 66 #17

noun, plural enigmas; Chiefly Archaic, enigmata
a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation:
“His disappearance is an enigma that has given rise to much speculation.”


A Spicy Encounter

“How did you meet my son?” she asked

“We work together,” I stammered

“Have some drumstick sambhar,” she said

“Er.. thank you,”

She poured some over the steaming rice, adding a dollop of ghee.

To my horror, I couldn’t stop eating until my bowl was empty. I looked up, my eyes glazed from food euphoria.

“I made it myself. Have more,” Ma-in-law smiled

Food, catharsis, acceptance.


3rd Place Winner – Chimera 66 #16 (MicroFiction Writing Challenge)

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Noun: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Ootheca’s Rehearsal

Maggot moved languidly in her figure-hugging white maxi-dress. “Stylish!”

Roach oozed Cheesy White Poison. “Elegant!”

Potato effused putrid. “Classy!”

Ootheca whipped herself in crazed frenzy.

Moaning, they all melted onto the Flaming Revolving Stage.

“Welcome To Frittata Catwalk 2015”

It was midnight. Timmy peered into the attic. He’d heard voices.

“Go away! The girls are rehearsing,” said Sally to her brother.

“Let him stay,” cackled Ootheca.


An ootheca (plural oothecae) is an egg mass produced by several different groups of insects
Source: Wikipedia

Participating Entry for the Chimera 66 #15 Kickoff – Micro Fiction Writing Challenge

Word Prompt:
an omelet resembling a large pancake and containing vegetables, seasonings, and often ricotta, Parmesan, or other cheese.”