Piercing grey eyes, mop of brown hair, boyish smile.  Striking ink-blue T-shirt.

And a lazy afternoon.

His arm almost around her waist, not touching her at all.

She steps a little closer, shy, confused.

His eyes never left hers that day on.

And she never stopped smiling.

Love /lʌv/ noun

a strong feeling of affection.



I lay in bed, exhausted, burning with fever.

A crash of pots, pans.

“Darling, omelette, dry toast. We ran out of butter,” he grins sheepishly, handing me the tray.

Then, he looks at me, eyes like smouldering embers.

I am in love.

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“How Hot Is It?”

Amour Propre

You saw her every day
That girl with the secret smile
A spring in her step and a twinkle in her eyes
Her long black mane, and her happy laugh
Seemed to present to you an irresistible challenge

So you turned on your sunshine charm,
You courted her and you wooed her
You won your trophy
And she became just yours…no one else’s

She made your heart sing
She was in love and knew how to show it
But every time you looked at her

You wondered if … you could ever be worthy?

The smiling stopped and so did the singing
Her eyes bore a distant look
As if looking at a life … that might have been

She had a laugh that made you feel
She knew something you didn’t
She knows the scars will fade
But she must walk away so her heart can heal

Your charm is gone and you feel so alone
She never seems to leave your thoughts
And you try so hard ….every single day

When you see that girl with a twinkle in her eyes
And hear her happy laugh

Please believe ….you truly are worthy.