Pouring himself a glass of whisky, David sat back on the sofa.

The room started to grow warm.

Nina desperately clawed at the coagulated mesh of tangled silk filaments, limbs trapped, eyes begging.

‘I am so sorry David, that night in Paris … I never meant to ..’

‘Hush… my darling.’

He gently stowed the bundle in the cupboard.


cocoon /kəˈkuːn/verb
envelop in a protective or comforting way.


Sturm und Drang

She gyrated wildly to discordant rhythms, monochrome vignettes, silent screams.
She. Always the perpetrator. Empowered
He. Always the victim. Enslaved

‘Bloody Dogs!’

She let her prey escape.  Before hunting them down.

Simulated date-rape, her freakish realm.
Virtual vengeance, her ticket to sanity.

Participating Entry – YeahWrite #225 Microstories Challenge

Answer this question in exactly 42 words
“Who let the Dogs out?”