Waves crashed mercilessly against black jagged rocks.

She met his eyes, her face filled with tenderness and equanimity.  And jumped into the icy-cold waters, the foam warmly beckoning as it churned ferociously.

She woke up with a start.

‘Honey? It’s Sunday. Breakfast in bed,’ he grinned, placing the tray in front of her.

Her wrists bruised blue from the gnarled rope, ankles chafed from rusted chains bound to the bed.

Surrender /səˈrɛndə/ verb
stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.




‘Shark!’ screamed the voice, filled with terror.

She woke up trembling. And reached for the glass of water.

It dragged her into the murky depths.
With pupils rolled back in its head, eyes eerie white.
The water turned bloody and dark.
And still.

He pulled on a classic white shirt, blue jeans, sprayed cologne, and quietly shut the door behind him.

Piercing light-blue eyes that stand out beautifully yet eerily. Shark eyes are (supposedly), an indicator of the loss of good judgment, sense of surroundings, and morality.

À bientôt


She tiptoed silently into the kitchen, her family fast asleep.

He sat at the table munching cookies. They talked in hushed voices. Animated conversations about life, books, films, music.

Daylight broke, he said goodbye.

She made breakfast, humming cheerfully.

He’ll return tonight.

Her best friend and unborn twin.  Her alter.


à bientôt / ä-byaⁿ-tō
French phrase meaning ‘See You Soon’


Sturm und Drang

She gyrated wildly to discordant rhythms, monochrome vignettes, silent screams.
She. Always the perpetrator. Empowered
He. Always the victim. Enslaved

‘Bloody Dogs!’

She let her prey escape.  Before hunting them down.

Simulated date-rape, her freakish realm.
Virtual vengeance, her ticket to sanity.

Participating Entry – YeahWrite #225 Microstories Challenge

Answer this question in exactly 42 words
“Who let the Dogs out?”