Her Choice

He’d left her.

And she’d slumped on the couch for days, lifeless.

Today, she washed her hair, removed the wedding ring.

Attended theater, learnt salsa.

She found out it was a matter of choice.

To live, laugh, be happy.

Even when alone

Random Conversations in the Dark

‘You gotta do the right thing. Always speak your mind, clear the cobwebs. Invest time and emotions on great relationships. Sort things out,’ nags Stupid Inner Voice at me. It’s been doing that ever since I can remember. And I listen. Every single time.

But what does one do when someone stone-walls you? I ask plaintively.

Is dying really the next best thing? Screams my Aggressive Inner Voice.

(Gee – now we have a three-way conversation going – me, me, myself. I knew I was multiple personalities)

I sit in the dark, shutting out noise, light. Hoping if I hide away, maybe everything will figure itself out?

NO – says Stupid Peaceful Inner voice. Go on out there, and be yourself. Some things you can control, rest you can’t. Accept it.

YES –  says Aggressive Voice. Stay in the dark forever, Woman! You don’t have a spine you see.

Wow! The ‘spine’ word kinda nailed it!

It’s time to be myself, because I just found my lost spine.

No more hiding away.

Sigh of relief!