au revoir

‘My demons won’t go away, you can’t deal with them.’

She smiled at him, eyes glittering bright with hidden anguish.

He looked at her helplessly, the inexplicable torment of their complex existence writ large on his face.

They both knew he wasn’t strong enough. For her.

Some goodbyes are real.

Covered up with fake hellos.

au revoir /ˌəʊ rəˈvwɑː French o ʀəvwaʀ/ exclamation
goodbye until we meet again.


Red Dress

Being promoted means important people see you.
They expect you to deliver. 

Fear of failure. Cold as ice.

The deadlines are impossible
They don’t even like me

I am stupid

Christine said, Woman, wear your Red Dress

No more excuses.

Participating Entry – YeahWrite #224 Microstories Challenge

Answer this question in exactly 42 words
“What did Christine tell you?”

Achilles; Almost

He practiced his smile every morning
The bathroom mirror told him he was ‘good looking’
He knew his charm was meant to woo
The girls, the Boss, and all the ‘Somebodys’ in his sphere

He ignored the slight shivers he felt
The way the floor moved when he stood up
The cold sweats that woke him up at night

He tried to forget the tick-tock sounds of the clock
From another day another time
When tearing sobs broke the silence of the night
His helplessness to fathom failure in a life that was hard-won

The bottle of pills stood testimony
To a soul that filled with sadness
To a mind that sparkled with intellect
To a spirit that refused to be crushed
To a life he knows he must live

He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder
And looked into the eyes of this wonderful woman
She was his Wife and the mother of his Child

He straightened his tie
And headed out into the world
He was born to conquer.