Pouring himself a glass of whisky, David sat back on the sofa.

The room started to grow warm.

Nina desperately clawed at the coagulated mesh of tangled silk filaments, limbs trapped, eyes begging.

‘I am so sorry David, that night in Paris … I never meant to ..’

‘Hush… my darling.’

He gently stowed the bundle in the cupboard.


cocoon /kəˈkuːn/verb
envelop in a protective or comforting way.


Caffeine Overdose


Long sensuous fingers caress the horse’s mane

I watch, unable to tear my eyes away.

He leans closer, face inches from mine, whispers huskily


I blush.
A little girl calls out, ‘Daddy?? Mommy needs you. Bridle’s broken!’

I’d rather drink Tea.