The doorbell rang, he stepped inside with a smile.

She sipped her latte, carefully examining her work, paintbrush in hand.
‘Next time, something earthier.’

Her wallpaper designs were widely acclaimed. Made from colors that dripped like blood.

avant-garde /ˌavɒ̃ˈɡɑːd/ noun
new and experimental ideas and methods in art, music, or literature.


On a sabbatical


Am taking a short break due to work and family priorities.

I enjoy blogging and projecting my insane thoughts onto the unsuspecting worldwide web!

Will be back soon.

Meantime, enjoy.

Feel good about yourself.

And behave!

Red Dress

Being promoted means important people see you.
They expect you to deliver. 

Fear of failure. Cold as ice.

The deadlines are impossible
They don’t even like me

I am stupid

Christine said, Woman, wear your Red Dress

No more excuses.

Participating Entry – YeahWrite #224 Microstories Challenge

Answer this question in exactly 42 words
“What did Christine tell you?”

Corporate Angst

Some Bosses are fickle
It’s like too much salt in your pickle
Others are bullies
It’s like hot summers and turtle-neck woollies

Some Peers are vultures
It’s like stale yoghurt with cultures
Others crave your shiny shoes
It’s like sipping cocktails with cheap brews

Some Enablers are befuddled Ablers
It’s like pins missing from staplers
Others are cud-chewing cattle
It’s like a gum-stuck-to-shoe battle

Thus Regular Guileless Employees
Who dream of exotic vacations in Hawaii
Transform into Alien Mutants
That yearn for nothing but intoxicating coolants