au revoir

‘My demons won’t go away, you can’t deal with them.’

She smiled at him, eyes glittering bright with hidden anguish.

He looked at her helplessly, the inexplicable torment of their complex existence writ large on his face.

They both knew he wasn’t strong enough. For her.

Some goodbyes are real.

Covered up with fake hellos.

au revoir /ˌəʊ rəˈvwɑː French o ʀəvwaʀ/ exclamation
goodbye until we meet again.


Two Hours

Sudden thud. Elevator comes to a standstill for two hours.

The Exes.

Achingly alone. Together.

He yearns to hold her, she wants to melt.

He takes a step closer, his warm breath on her face.

Should she tell him about the baby?

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“What’s on the Other Side?”

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