Pies for Sale

He came home to the aroma of baking.

Mom hugged him. Gemma made posters. Homemade Pies $15.oo

“What’s up girls?” he asks cheerfully

“Feline fetishes!” they chorus

He couldn’t tell them he had been laid off, they didn’t tell him they knew.

(I missed the upload deadline on YeahWrite, hence couldn’t participate)

YeahWrite #215 Microstories Challenge

Answer this question in exactly 42 words
“Where are the cats?”


2 thoughts on “Pies for Sale

  1. Hey – I did visit your blog yesterday – sorry, missed replying to the comment. I like your straightforward writing style and your take on relationships. I tried to input this comment yesterday, for some reason, it didn’t work. Cheers and keep writing 🙂


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