She Went Off The Grid

Word Prompt: Hunt (verb) Search determinedly for someone or something.

(Definition 2) Visual Prompt: Photo Courtesy: Suzanne Purkis of Apoplectic Apostrophes



Sarah was relieved. Finally, a Saturday evening all to herself. She lit candles, took the book and glass of wine with her.

Time for a long soak in the tub. Bliss.

She opened her eyes.

“What?!” A brightly colored kingfisher flew over her head. The sky was clear blue with puffy cottony clouds. And that deafening roar of the waterfalls. She could feel the cool spray on her face. “Did I drink too much wine?!”

A dress was laid out for her.  Sequinned, dark blue. Matching shoes, accessories. “Lady, your car’s arrived. Shall we proceed to the Ball?” The short woman with a bun and moon-glasses spoke respectfully. She shrugged and followed her. “I’m dreaming. Will go along.” The stretch-limo was parked close to the huge banyan tree.

They arrived at the palatial mansion.  She spotted movie stars, politicians, sportsmen, royalty. The band played her favorite 90’s music.  A handsome prince invited her to dance, before kissing her deeply. “Hmm. Now this is what I’d call the perfect dream!” she thought.

“Guests, Welcome to my home. I call it Elysium_STAT,” boomed the loud voice.

“I’d like you all to meet Sarah, our guest of honor for the evening. Always the good girl. Straight A’s, stable relationships, balanced.” The crowd remained silent. “Don’t you want to know what happens next?” continued the voice. “Then came Rodrick. And the missed promotion at work.”

A handsome gentleman in a tuxedo emerged from the shadows.

Sarah gasped. Rodrick stood next to him. His face pallid, bruised, bloated. Foam oozing from his mouth.

“Oh Rodrick!” Sarah whispered.

Two years ago, he was her peer at work. Who had the gumption to get promoted before her. Rodrick, the nerd with aquaphobia. She remembered their “dinner date” at his apartment. She had drowned him in his own bath-tub. The cops had ruled it an accident. The case was closed. She was, clearly, the universal choice to take over his position at the company.

“I now declare The Hunt as officially closed. Please put your hands together for Sarah. For tonight’s her glory night.”

Within moments, the mansion turned into a monstrous rock structure. The gentleman in a tuxedo had a mangled, bloody face. The guests were hideous creatures.

Sarah was lifted into the air, the crowd ranting and jeering. The cliff at the waterfall was steep. Her screams faded as she plummeted into dark oblivion. And landed on a humongous spider web. Alive. The spiders crawled slowly. Covering her like a deathly blanket.

Sarah didn’t turn up at work for four consecutive days. “Highly uncharacteristic, someone go hunt for her. She’s invaluable to the project,” her boss said.

They filed a Missing Persons report. The cops broke into her empty apartment. Everything was in its place. The tub filled with water. Her bathrobe was on the floor, a book next to it. On the first page was a scribble “Happy Reading! Best, Rodrick.”

The lady cop who was examining the bathroom floor saw the spider scurrying into a corner. “Yikes!!”

“Hey, didn’t they say Sarah had arachnophobia?” asked her partner.


Participating Entry for the Mutant 750 #30 Kickoff – Flash Fiction Writing Challenge


8 thoughts on “She Went Off The Grid

  1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 most likely, it is a fever dream from a spider bite. Though I really don’t know where Sarah disappeared. She never came back. Possibly left the country, considering she missed that dang promotion 😉


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