Micro Fiction: When you are Gina Hamilton-Trent

Porcelain skin. Doe-shaped eyes. Glossy hair. Model. Heiress.

Vera gazed adoringly at her idol from behind her thick glasses.

“Vera?” asked the sophisticated voice. She stammered, “Er..Hi Gina?”

“Was wondering if you could help me. I can’t seem to get those Math sums right. Do you think you can come by my house at 5:00 today?”

Vera gushed,”Sure, no problem.”

“Thanks a bunch!” Gina smiled radiantly.

Gina always made the effort to be genuinely nice to anyone who reminded her of herself.  She could never forget the bullying. Nor the knife attack at her old school.

Before she became Gina Hamilton-Trent.

100 Words


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