Flash Fiction: Labyrinth; The Warped

He opened the refrigerator door, found a slice of last night’s pizza. Dunked it into the microwave. He slumped on the sofa. Switched on the TV. The heat was exhausting in this tiny studio apartment. The ceiling fan whirred slowly.

He didn’t know what time it was when he woke up. It was freezing. The floor was a muddy green. “What the …” he mumbled. His head felt heavy. He saw the shimmery polka-dot purple curtain sway slowly in front of him.  He got up to close the window.

The vignettes played in front of his eyes. Like an old black and white movie.

His ex-wife was baking a cake in the kitchen. “Come on in honey, here, grab a bite,” she smiled, beckoning to him.

A party was in progress. He could see his ex-wife dancing with the CEO. She smiled at him affectionately as they glided by.

He was driving with the top rolled down in his new custom made Aston Martin convertible. His villa in Tuscany. Maria standing in the doorway. Frowning. Impatient. Dinner meeting with the Ambassador. They were late. And the papers had to be signed.

He stumbled backwards onto the sofa. He knew now. “Oh Kim! Darling Kim!”

The unborn children Kim had wanted that made her cry in her sleep. When his ‘late night dinner meetings’ and ‘business trips to Europe’ had become more frequent. When Maria seemed right, Kim seemed wrong.

An unexplained car crash. Kim was dead. Because of his greed. His decadence. A dark realm he had knowingly willingly chosen to enter. And dwell in. Until eternity. The tryst with his inner demons.

He woke up at half past ten. The sun was shining brightly. He tried to get up. To walk. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t feel his legs.

They told him he was paralyzed waist down.

A voice whispered menacingly, “Minion, you thought you could walk away? You can’t. Welcome to The Warped Labyrinth.”

325 Words


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